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This unique couture has been evolving since 2011 by Designer, Tiina Couture. She started designing jewelry and accessories and her passion has evolved into using motocross inner tubes and Skateboards designs into sustainable but unconventional way. 


In 2015 Tiina Couture began collaborating with Artist Zoey Lane and adding geometric designs through hand painting. This has added a whole new dimensions to the pieces. This creative team collaborates with an Organic Transfusion that runs through their blood. Working together is a lovely collaboration between the two minds as the designs organically unfold before us.

This Organic Transfusion is a collaboration team that is passionate about reducing the amount of waste in our landfills. These two create an exclusive collection of Upcycled couture for festivals and runways. Want to own one of these beautiful one of a kind pieces designed by this collaboration team... Contact US For Your Exclusive Design!

If you would like to collaborate or experience this couture combination of Tiina's Couture flare with using unconventional mediums and Zoey's beautifully hand painted designs; once paired create quite a bit of noise.

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Tiina Couture designed this piece with Rock N Roll in mind. Babs was always a vision I had on the runway that could rock this house and the runway!


Johnny A. 

This one presented a bit of a challenge for the team.The vision was to transform a skateboard and bearings into a design that Johnny would shock the crowd with.

This piece was painted by  Zoey Lane.

Babs and I.jpg

Tiina Couture

Tiina Couture make a lot of noise together as a design team. She has a way to turning rubber into  an Organic Transfusion Design. Find out what's new for 2020?

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