Organic Transfusion...The Why?



​We all know the landfills continue to fill up with trash. Here's a study to reflect what we know as of 2015.

It turns out that on average America tosses approximately five pounds of trash per person per day into its landfills, according to an analysis of figures from the same study, which is based on actual landfill measurements instead of government estimates. 

It's crazy to think we contribute to this in some way. I have always been passionate about recycling and when I had an opportunity to do something creative with a material from my favorite activities and sports I thought why not! I have a daughter and want to reduce my footprint for a better future for all. 

If you feel the same follow me as I grow and continue to find ways to design runway couture or other innovative sustainable designs. › ap-study-twice-as-much-trash-put-in-landfill...Sep 21, 2015


Here's how much trash is in America's landfills - Business Insider

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